Belfast City - 1 Day Tour

Belfast Tour from Dublin Gallery

Our Belfast tour from Dublin leavesdaily at 8:00 am. We take you directly to the city of Belfast where you will have the opportunity to visit a number of the best known attractions in the city and surrounds.

  • The Belfast Peace Wall – There are a number of walls dividing the nationalist and the unionist communities throughout the city but the one we visit is between most active unionist enclave (the Shankhill road and the nationalist area of the Falls road). This wall was erected in 1969 but has grown in height and length over the years. On the Belfast tour you get to view the murals depicting the troubles as viewed by both sides and can even add your name to this infamous wall.
  • City center attractions – during your free time on your Belfast tour we recommend a visit to city hall, a pint in the Crown bar, a visit to Belfast’s very own leaning tower or a visit to the Belfast Opera House.
  • Titanic Quarter – visit the shipyards where the Titanic was built!
  • Downpatrick – discover the story of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint at the Saint Patrick Visitor Centre. You also get the opportunity to visit the grave of this famous saint.
  • Mourne mountains – we take you on a scenic drive through one of Ireland’s lesser known beauty spots. The Mourne mountains has been designated an area of outstanding beauty and when you visit, you will understand why.
  • Dundrum castle – now in ruins, this Norman castle was built by John de Courcy in the late 12th century after the invasion of Ulster. Built on raised ground, it had panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

You will have great opportunities to create your own photo gallery to enjoy and refresh your memories of the fantastic destinations you will visit.